Cloverkey Hires Director of Gift Store Design

Paul Russell Joins the Cloverkey Team

Cloverkey FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 16, 2020
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Carrollton, TX – Cloverkey is pleased to announce that Paul Russell has joined the team as Director of Gift Store Design. Paul brings a wealth of visual design experience working with national and international brands, among them Dickies, Adidas, Reebok, and Universal Studios. Paul’s projects include designing and executing the Universal Studios Twister Store in Orlando, Florida.

“We are very fortunate to have found someone with Paul’s expertise working for so many top-tier companies,” Gwynne Gillette, COO of Cloverkey said. “Paul brings industry best practices and an extraordinary sense of how to maximize each unique retail space.”

“Understanding that each hospital gift shop is different and is part of a unique community is key to executing a successful design strategy,” Paul said. “I am excited to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from working with so many diverse brands to the hospital environment. More than that, I see our role as being part of the complete hospital care process and am eager to help provide a meaningful, professional retail experience to our hospital partners.”

Justin Cohen, President of Cloverkey, said “Paul brings the broad retail savvy we were looking for when we founded Cloverkey. We are here to support our hospitals in every way we can, including providing a gift shop on par with the best names in prestige retail experience.”

“There are challenges in the hospital retail environment that you don’t see in retail at large,” Paul shared. “I look forward to delivering a model that exceeds our partners’ expectations at every level.”

In addition to his work experience, Paul has a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Art Institute of Atlanta and has Project Management certification. He is also the author numerous articles on visual merchandising and retail marketing as well as the bestseller Field Visual Merchandising Strategy.


About Cloverkey: Cloverkey is a hospital gift shop outsource partner based in Carrollton, TX, a Dallas suburb. Cloverkey offers a turnkey gift shop management program that embraces partnership, supports special hospital requests, and always operates with honesty and integrity. Through its relationship with its sister company, Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers, Cloverkey has access to thousands of individual retail items from more than 500 distinct vendors and a reputation in the retail industry that allows it to work with any new vendor as needed. For more information visit Cloverkey or send an inquiry to [email protected]

About Kelli’s: Headquartered in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton TX, Kelli’s is a gift shop distribution business established in 1999 by the founders of Lori’s Gifts to bring their merchandise selection expertise and buying power to individual gift shops across the country. With more than 10,000 retail partners, Kelli’s product is found in virtually every hospital gift shop in the USA as well as resort, hotel and casino gift shops, pharmacies, other specialty gift shops and boutiques as well as through Amazon. For more information visit or send an inquiry to [email protected]