The last few years brought the unimaginable for hospital staff across the globe. These superhumans have had to navigate working through an ongoing two-year pandemic. Staff have had to make life and death decisions daily and risk their lives for, not only themselves but also their families. This does not only apply to the nurses and doctors in the hospital community but to the admins, receptionists, custodians, and cafeteria workers- the list goes on! Often, we overlook the entirety of people that make a hospital run. Yes, the medical staff deserve the utmost praise for the sacrifices they have made and are making, but we can give appreciation gifts to the hospital staff we may not always visibly see or recognize usually.

Whether it is as simple as writing an appreciation letter or gifting a massage certificate, there are several appreciation gifts for hospital staff that you can show your support with. It does not have to be nurses’ appreciation week, a special occasion, or a holiday to get thank you gifts for hospital staff. You may be a current patient, a past patient, a family member, or even just a bystander. It doesn’t matter who you are, your status, or even if you have never been to that hospital. These are easy ways to show hospitals how we appreciate their daily passion to save lives. If you happen to be at the hospital, you can even use their provided gift shop to find these items.

Before deciding to give thank you gifts to hospital staff, check COVID guidelines for that specific hospital to ensure you can show your support. Food gifts for hospital staff can be restricted during Covid Surges. With restrictions being loosened, it should not be as much of an issue, but always call if you are unsure!

Small Gifts:

There are various small gifts you can get when looking at appreciation gifts for hospital staff such as fun, cute decor, or even a badge reel holder for medical staff. Cloverkey sells a variety of retractable badge holders in their in-hospital gift shops. It is convenient and will be a useful gift for everyone in the hospital with a badge to add a little pizazz to it! Another small gift option could be a small bag or makeup pouch. It is cute, shows support for nurses, and can be multi-purposeful. Cloverkey has a wide variety of small gifts similar to these two discussed above that you can check out in the Shop Patient Gifts tab!

Caffeinated Drinks:

Now this one should not be a surprise, hospital staff are the caffeine queens and kings of the world. They can work multiple 12 hours even 24-hour shifts in one week. If anyone needs caffeine, it is the hospital staff. If you are looking for quick, easy appreciation gifts for hospital staff, you can never go wrong with caffeine. Whether you are bringing in a case of Redbull or a few Bang Energy drinks, it will be of help to them. If you are someone who has the time, you can even ask the staff you are looking to get a drink for what they prefer. Some may want coffee, others may want a Coke, some a Monster. A variety of caffeinated drinks would be a safe option that the staff would enjoy. Cloverkey gift shops even sell a variety of caffeinated drinks such as this one if you choose this path of thank you gifts for hospital staff.

Meal Delivery Gift Cards:

What did we do before UberEats? Honestly, food delivery services have been a saving grace for hospital staff (when they can find where to deliver it too). UberEats and Doordash gift cards are one of the most requested food gifts for hospital staff. Not having to leave the hospital takes the strain off of them having to leave, and with COVID that can be a hassle. The restrictions in place do not make it easy to go outside willingly and come back in without changing scrubs and all your gear. Therefore, delivery is the preferred option. As I am sure you know, food delivery is not the cheapest option, so that is why this is a perfect way to show appreciation for the staff at the hospital. A lot of people tend to bring food gifts for hospital staff but they have no choice in what they are receiving. A food delivery gift card gives them the flexibility to choose what they want and are needing most at that time. Super quick, minimal effort way to show your support to the staff. 

Spa and Massage Certificates

Imagine being on your feet for 12 hours and getting one 15-minute break. Well unfortunately this is the reality for hospital staff across the country due to major staffing shortages. As you could imagine, this takes an enormous toll on the body, it does not matter if you are 23 or 55, it will. Show your appreciation by gifting staff a spa or massage certificate, so they can rejuvenate and relax. This is one of the more costly options but still affordable. Often time services like Groupon offer highly discounted spa services and massages that are highly recommended. These are unique appreciation gifts for hospital staff and will bring smiles to many faces.

A handwritten letter

This way of appreciation takes a different approach from the traditional options discussed above. You may be thinking no one wants a letter, this is not worth anything. However, it is the exact opposite. Cards and letters are more personable and intimate than let’s say a caffeinated beverage. Hospital staff have expressed how much the cards and notes they receive stick with them, it is what keeps them going at times. Being able to look down at a note and feel that gratitude makes the bad days a little less bad. This is one of the easiest ways to show how much you value healthcare workers. This is a great option for kids to get involved in thank you gifts for hospital staff. Maybe you are staying at the hospital and you do not have a card or supplies to write a letter. Well, luckily most gift shops carry a variety of pens and markers of sorts.  It is commonly suggested to get food gifts for hospital staff (we know how much everyone loves food), but this will show how much you care since you took the time out of your day to write them a letter.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Finding appreciation gifts for hospital staff isn’t terribly challenging when you take a second to think about it. If you’re a terrible gifter, then you’re in luck. Most modern hospitals have a fully stocked hospital gift shop to make it easy to show your appreciation through food gifts for hospital staff, thank you gifts for hospital staff, cards, treats, and more!
For more information on hospital gift shops, visit Cloverkey Gift Shops today!