If you’ve ever wondered “what gift to bring a new baby in a hospital?” while browsing the internet in a search query, then you’re probably not the only one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over three million newborn babies being born every year in the United States. With so many children being born, it’s reasonable to assume you won’t be the last clueless gift-giver to contemplate this question.

Whether you’re a new aunt, uncle, grandparent, or family friend, choosing baby gifts for hospital delivery can be a tough decision to make for the uninitiated. Luckily for you, we have a list of what gifts to bring a new baby in the hospital. And if you’re like most people, you probably lead a busy life and might have forgotten to pick something up; most delivery hospitals have a hospital gift shop, like a Cloverkey, for any last-minute gifts!

Best New Baby Gifts for A Newborn

Have you ever wondered why infant toys and items are always bright, colorful, oversized, and noisy? It’s not by accident! Can you imagine experiencing noise, sight, touch, smell, and thinking, all at the same time, for the first time ever? It’s no wonder that infants cry so much, we imagine that the experience is absolutely overwhelming! 

Because of this, children’s toys and items are designed in a careful way to ease the child into this brand-new world that they live in. Take a look at our picks for a gift for your new baby niece, nephew, grandchild, or sibling. These classic options are tried and tested and are sure to keep the newborn occupied for the years to come!

The Timeless Choice: a Classic Stuffie

There’s a reason why stuffed animals have been a prime gift choice for decades, if not centuries. Newborn infants have poor eyesight and their eyesight typically develops over the first five to eight months of their lives. Because of this, babies tend to rely on their other senses such as sound, smell, and touch. A stuffed animal is a self-soothing object that is consistent and familiar to the infant (aside from the mother or father) that focuses on their touch senses. Today, high-quality stuffed animals are plush and soft yet durable to withstand even the most energetic of infants. 

Baby Blankets to the Rescue!

You’ve probably heard of the classic original superhero, Superman. What you probably didn’t know is that Superman’s cape is actually a blanket that he was wrapped in when he came to Earth. While your infant niece or nephew might not be a superhero from outer space, you can still pick a premium quality blanket to gift to him or her. Baby blankets are great and come in a wide variety of colors, themes, sizes, and plushness.

Puzzles, Toys, and Learning

Toys that are bright/contrasting colors can help stimulate their eyesight and help them develop. Additionally, puzzle toys that are in oversized shapes such as blocks, triangles, etc. are designed in a way to help newborn infants build their motor skills and understanding of the world around them. Rattles and other noise-making toys also contribute to building their senses and providing them a sense of control of their surroundings.

Best New Baby Gifts for the Parent

While the newborn infant is the star of the show, it’s important not to forget baby gifts for the parents. Useful gift ideas for new parents can be a little challenging, it’s always a good idea to ask if the new parents need something or if you’re looking for the best new baby gifts for hospital delivery, you can check out the hospital gift shop for get-well cards, balloons, or fresh flowers. Let’s dive into useful gifts for new parents.

New Baby Essentials

Assuming the new parent has a nursery that’s already set up, there are still essential items that you can gift to help make life easier for your loved ones. Functional use items like diapers, baby wipes, diaper creams, and baby shampoo and soaps make excellent gifts and can help alleviate some of the monthly expenses of newborn infants. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average American family household will spend about eighteen dollars a week on diapers; making this essential item a great gift option!

Gifts to Make Life Easier

We’ve covered disposable items that are sure to be used by new parents, there are other essential items to save new parents time and effort. Our top pick is a high-quality playmat! Playmats are great for ages infants to toddlers and can provide a safe place for the child to play and keep their toys organized. The cushioned mat helps create a soft subconscious barrier that children will associate as a play area; this ultimately will keep your home tidier and more organized!

When in Doubt, Get a Gift Card

Ahh, the gift card. According to Smithsonian Magazine, gift cards were actually invented by Blockbuster Video in 1994. Since then, gift cards have taken the retail industry by storm! You can practically purchase a gift card for any service, merchandise, brick-and-mortar store, online store, and/or restaurant. Gift cards are a great way to empower the recipient to purchase whatever they may need with minimal effort from the giver. We call that a win-win situation!

Special Delivery in the Hospital? Visit the Gift Shop!
Congratulations on discovering what gift to bring a new baby in the hospital! If none of these suggestions work, there are a variety of the best new baby gifts for hospital delivery for purchase inside most hospital gift shops. These shops are typically run by hospital volunteers and offer a retail solution for visitors in need of a last-minute baby gift. Hospital gift shops like Cloverkey Hospital Gift Shops typically carry most other convenience store items such as magazines, candy, gift cards, get-well cards, balloons, flowers, and several baby gifts! Be sure to check out the gift shop and show your love for your new family member today!