Do you know someone who’s in the hospital right now?

Are you looking for ways to make their day?

Well, trust us, one of the best ways to put a smile on their face is with a lovely care package that’s full of their favorite things! Despite their strange surroundings, they’ll treasure your thoughtful gift and instantly feel that little bit better.

The hard part is knowing what to put in there…

If you’re running low on inspiration and want some ideas to help get you started, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going through a selection of perfect things to put in a hospital care package.

Important Care Package For Hospital Patients Considerations

Before we dive into the ideas, though, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Basically, given the unique nature of the hospital environment, certain items could be unsuitable for the care package you want to put together!

For example, anything with alcohol in it is unlikely to be allowed onto the premises. Likewise, items that are heavily scented (such as perfumes) or contain allergens may cause trouble with other patients on the ward.

Other considerations include dietary restrictions the would-be recipient may have in place, as well as possible weight changes that would impact the size of clothing you buy for them. Our best advice for avoiding issues?

Call their loved ones ahead of time to find out exactly what they really want/need!

Amazing Care Package Ideas for Hospital Patients

With those factors in the back of your mind, let’s turn to a long list of care package ideas for hospital patients!

Hospital Care Package Ideas: Cuddly Toys

Whether you’re giving this considerate gift to a young child or a fully grown adult, cute and cuddly toys always have a place in quality care packages! They can hold and hug them for some much-needed comfort during the long days and nights in hospital.

At Cloverkey, we sell a variety of cuddly toys that’d be perfect for this purpose. Better still, many come with messages like “get well soon” or “feel better” emblazoned on the front. Click here to check them out on our website.

Hospital Care Package Ideas: Balloons

For buildings designed to make people feel better, hospitals can be surprisingly depressing places to spend your time! Balloons are a great way to brighten the mood. Why not fill a few with helium and tie them to the care package itself, or include some uninflated ones for your loved one to blow up?

Our Kelliloons Gift Set comes with a variety of colorful balloons with thoughtful messages on the front, alongside some delicious candy! Order one here

Hospital Care Package Ideas: Tasty Treats

Let’s face it, hospitals aren’t exactly known for serving five-star cuisine! That’s bad news for your friend or family member if they love their food. However, it also provides another great way to make their day with your care package…

Why not bring them some tasty snacks, treats, and/or drinks? Assuming they aren’t allergic to the ingredients and their treatment plan allows it, edible inclusions will always go down well. Head to this section of the Cloverkey store to see all the finger-licking snacks, candy bars, and drinks we have available.

Hospital Care Package Ideas: Books

Give someone the gift of something to read! Seriously, whether you’re a voracious reader or simply looking for a way to pass the time, you can’t beat a good book when you’re in the hospital. It’s a distraction, an escape, and a relaxing thing to do.

Buying for a child? We have some much-loved kids’ books up for grabs in our store. Click here to browse them.

Hospital Care Package Ideas: Headphones

One thing you realize quickly about hospitals is that they’re rarely quiet! There’s always something going on, which can be a challenge when you want to rest, relax, or get some sleep. That’s where this next gift for a care package comes into play…

Wireless headphones are an ideal solution to the problem. They slip over your ears, shut out the sounds, and allow you to enjoy some music. These affordable Bluetooth ones from Sentry would be ideal.

Hospital Care Package Ideas: A Journal to Write In

For many people, spending time in the hospital involves a lot of reflection. Without much else to fill their time, their minds start to wander. The result?

Having a journal on hand is a big help! It provides a space to write down all the thoughts and feelings going on inside; suddenly they have an outlet for their emotions. Our Man of God Journal would be perfect for this.

Hospital Care Package Ideas: Personal Care Items

Anything related to personal care is a safe bet when you’re putting a care package together. Travel-kit-related items are particularly well-suited to the task! Compact and versatile, they don’t take up much space in the ward while still satisfying every ablutionary need your loved one will have in the hospital.

See what we mean by clicking here for a 10-piece travel kit for men and here for a 10-piece travel kit for women.

Put Together the Perfect Care Package For Hospital Patients 

Kind, considerate, and highly practical, care packages make perfect presents for anyone who’s unfortunate enough to be spending time in hospital. The tricky part is figuring out what to put in them!

Know the struggle? Well, with any luck, the ideas we’ve covered in this article will make your life a little easier. Whether you include one or all of the items on this list, you’re sure to lift your loved one’s spirits and bring a smile to their lips.For more care package ideas for hospital patients, visit our online store today.