We all owe a debt of gratitude to the amazing individuals who work in hospitals around the country. These caring people go above and beyond to support others in their moments of deepest need!

Not only that, but they do it all in one of the most intense environments out there.

The last 2 years of COVID-19 are a perfect example. Everyone from the doctors and nurses to the surgeons and support workers has been on the front line in the fight against the pandemic, operating around the clock to deliver life-saving care to patients struck down by the virus.

Alas, it can be hard to find words to thank hospital staff who’ve looked after you or someone you love with such diligence and compassion! That’s why many people look for thoughtful gifts for medical office staff to express their gratitude instead.

Are you in this position right now?

Well, don’t go anywhere. In this article, we’re going to list 7 of the best healthcare gifts for hospital staff members. We hope it helps.

1. Personalized Coffee Mug

When you work long and stressful shifts at all hours of the day, a regular caffeine hit can make all the difference! A hot cup of tea or coffee is a little hug in a mug that provides a much-needed pick-me-up.

That’s one reason why mugs make such good gifts for medical office staff. Super practical, you can guarantee they’ll be used and valued by the recipient.

Take a look at our bone china coffee mug if this seems like the right gift for you. It says “You’re an angel in scrubs” on the outside- offering a thoughtful touch that’s sure to make them smile.

2. Angel Figurine

Continuing with the theme of angels in scrubs, why not give someone in the hospital one of our angel figurines? Each one has a different message on them to help show the depth of your thanks.

These figurines aren’t just thoughtful though.

They also boast an attractive design with a simple aesthetic that looks great anywhere. Whether you give one to a nurse, doctor, radiographer, or receptionist, they’ll feel touched by the gesture and grateful to have such a lovely healthcare gift to display in their home.

3. Balloons

There’s no shortage of reasons to buy balloons for someone at the hospital. They’re bright, colorful, and symbols of fun- all of which are truly a treat in a clinical environment that’s usually full of stress and trauma!

Better still, they last for ages.

Unlike flowers, which tend to wither and wane in no time, balloons stay in place for weeks on end if you want them to. They also require no extra care or maintenance from busy hospital staff who already have enough to do. If that sounds like one of the best gifts for a medical office staff member to you, then check out the balloons we have for sale today.

There are all sorts available, such as these ‘You’re so special’ balloons or these balloons that express ‘Thanks’ on the front. 

4. Delicious Treats

If there’s one thing that always makes a bad day better, it’s sweet treats. Trust us, when you’re low on energy during a long shift, the sugar provides an all-important boost! It’s also a useful source of comfort that helps to keep your head up in tricky times.

As far as gifts go, then, tasty snacks are a safe bet. Be mindful of any allergies people might have, but you can almost guarantee any chocolate and/or candy you buy for hospital staff will be received with glee! Combining the caffeine of half a cup of coffee with all the joy of chocolate, you can’t go wrong with these caffeinated caramel chocolate bites from Awake.

5. Moisturizing Hand Cream

Of any downsides to working in a hospital, you might not consider dry hands to be one of them. But you’d be surprised! When you’re constantly washing and sanitizing your hands, as well as wearing latex gloves, the impact on your skin can take a toll over time.

That’s why a moisturizing hand cream comes in so, well…handy. We sell one with lavender and honey from Burt’s Bees which would be ideal. Whether you gave it to somebody by itself or as part of a larger personal care package, they’re sure to appreciate the thought.

6. A Journal

Journaling isn’t just for high school students filled with teenage angst. Everybody stands to gain from the practice! Offering a variety of therapeutic benefits, writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper each day is a form of catharsis that clears your mind and allows negative emotions to dissipate.

You can imagine how useful that might be for a hospital worker who’s surrounded by peoples’ pain and suffering all day! Having a beautiful journal in which to record their experiences could provide a powerful outlet that lifts their spirits. Our pocket journal with Busy Bee written on the front seems particularly well-suited to the occasion!

7. Headphones

Headphones offer anybody who wears them an effective way to shut out the world. You can put them on, hit play on your favorite songs, and drown out any noise in your environment! In doing so, you can get some peace, rest your mind, and achieve a useful form of mental escape for a while.

Those are major advantages when you work in a hospital! Whether you’re a nurse on your lunch break or a doctor walking home after a 16-hour shift, those headphones can be nothing short of a lifeline. Click here to see all of the earbuds and headphones we have for sale.

Buy the Best Healthcare Gifts for Hospital Staff

Have you been looking for ways to say “thank you” to the wonderful people at your local hospital? Maybe you’ve been the recipient of their caring ways or watched them nurse a loved one back to health?Whatever the case, healthcare gifts for hospital staff are a great way to do it. With any luck, the gift ideas above will have sparked some inspiration and helped you realize what to buy! For more options, be sure to check out the entire Cloverkey store today.