Perhaps it’s just getting back to our evolutionary roots that we find being outside among the trees and the grass so relaxing. Just 20 minutes in touch with Nature can do the trick. Researchers have also found that it’s an essential component of everyday well-being, whether it’s the beach or the local park. It’s no wonder then that flowers are so welcome if you’re in the hospital for any length of time.

The Effects of Getting Flowers for Patients 

Flowers can calm us and give us a respite from the stress it often brings. Scientists have found compelling evidence that flowers for patients also have beneficial effects. Not only did these plants improve their vital signs, but they also reduced anxiety and pain. It turns out that hospital gift shop flowers do a lot more for recovery than we suspected. We can even say they are essential for patients.

The study also discovered that patients viewed flowers as the most positive part of their experience versus the TV for those who didn’t have any plants in their rooms. Of course, we must agree that the former is the better choice for the two. It lacks the negativity that often appears on the screen and replaces it with something more conducive to healing. However, the benefits go beyond these factors.

The Importance of Color

The vitality of living plants is enough to boost anyone’s mood. A bouquet of brightly colored hospital gift shop flowers adds another dimension to the mix. The colors also provide health benefits because of the qualities we associate with them. For example, people associate green with freshness and healing, just the kind of thoughts you want in flowers for patients.

Other shades have similar associations. Think of the feelings of peace that blue inspires or the emotions of love and strength we experience when we see red. It’s something that hasn’t escaped the notice of marketers who select certain colors to promote the images of their brands. There are reasons why Lowes and Dell have blue in their logos to symbolize trust.

Colors communicate messages whether we’re aware of them or not. It’s a part of our collective consciousness and perhaps good memories of healthier times. A gift of hospital gift shop flowers can speak volumes.

The Benefits of Distraction

Hospital gift shop flowers provide some of the best medicine you can receive during your stay. Part of the reason is that they are a distraction. Many things you’ll see in a room are metal and cold. They make strange noises. The flowers for patients offer a welcome distraction that brings hope. Who doesn’t like receiving flowers, whether or not it involves time in the hospital?

Flowers can take your mind off of what’s happening in the room and take you to a happier place mentally. If you can imagine walking in a field of colorful blooms when looking at a summertime bouquet, it’s all the better!

The Language of Flowers

Of course, flowers have a language all their own. For example, daffodils symbolize new beginnings, a positive message for anyone undergoing treatment. The elegant orchid means strength, which anyone who is healing needs in abundance. When combined with color, you can send power tidings of how for a speedy recovery. That makes the flowers hospital gift shop a must-do to deliver your special gift.

Flowers for Patients at Cloverkey Locations

All these benefits make a flowers hospital gift shop like Cloverkey so vital to the healing process. It’s not just about picking the right flowers. It’s about creating the best patient experience. Cloverkey has locations in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts and we have proven ourself as a leader in the retail hospital industry with nearly 40 years of experience.